N° 155


bed on beach with privacy screen: GOOSE - Garden garden pond terras - couples bed - Terras privacy screen @The Gacha Garden
beach car: Headhunters - Beach Rod - Silver Bullet
plants: Soy. Potted Traveler's Palm Tree
beachtowel: (Milk Motion) beach towel (with accessories) - hello
@moment no inworld Store Only Marketplace
rubber rings: Le Coq D'or - Fruit rubber rings @Pose Lover & Friends Event
surf boards with poses: :LW: Poses - summer surfboard prop @Pose Lover & Friends Event
dog in pool: xin. kolouk husky (must dig water) *old Gacha item*

from left to right ... (Thanks Ladys for ur time :*kisses* ... )
hair: [e] Naara ~ elikatira
bikini: Erratic - Kira

hair: TRUTH HAIR - Satyra
bikini: !Rebel Hope - Kauai Mesh Bikini

hair: rezology - Sky 164
bikini: GAS [Sexy MESH Bikini Sophia

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